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The Done-For-You Lead Generation Model

Hey email marketers! Does this sound right to you?

A client hires a lead generation agency to bring them new customers.

They give the agency $3000 and the agency uses it to produce leads.

They spend $1,000 on software cold email lists, pay you $1,000 to do everything else, and then pocket $1,000. That’s fair, they did all the sales and managed the project.

Now for $1,000 you wrote a killer email sequence. In fact, it brought in $30K for the client for a legendary 10X return.

So what happens? The client buys more leads.

They turn around and drop the whole $30K on the agency and and say “do it again.”

So what does the agency owner do?

He spends $15K on more data and pockets the rest. Your marketing machine already works, so why change it? You’re fired.

Herein lies the problem. You don’t own your work so you don’t earn the value you’re creating.

Okay... so much how harder is it to own your work? How much needs to change?

It turns out that you only have to change one part of your sales process and a…

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