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Learn How A HR Consultancy Business Was Built With Nothing but Email

Launching Professional Business Solutions, LLC: A HR Consulting FirmOur story begins with a r/forhire ad and a phone conversation on a sleepy Sunday afternoon out in Yoakum, Texas. When I first spoke with Norm he told me that he couldn't start his personal consulting business because  He didn't know how to generate lead AKA LEADSHe didn't know who to even sell his services to AKA CUSTOMERS before that conversation, he had been in HR/Payroll for longer than I had been alive (25yrs at that point). He had all the experience in the world but he was missing a few critical pieces that Lead-Engines was able to help out with.
Within a week or so we had hashed out who his ideal client would be, businesses in need of HR/Payroll assistance then began the challenge of writing good copy. It took a few days of back and forth with Norm however it was totally worth it. Using Lead Engines we directly targeted his exact audience and the results speak for themselves.
Within a week of running …

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