Planning to try cold email? Do this now to prepare.

When most people get started with cold email, they want to start right now. That makes sense because its the fastest way to get new leads - so let's just get started, right?

Here's the catch.

If you screw up cold email you can get yourself spam listed - and if you get the email addresses you use everyday spamlisted you'll suddenly find that your current customers just stop responding - because you're in spam!

What a disaster, right?

That's why most cold-emailers choose to use another domain for cold outreach. For example at Lead Engines, we send a lot of cold outreach messages from (which redirects back to our main site with some UTM tracking snippets).

Financially, it's a no-brainer. A new domain costs less than $10 and the email addresses are $6/month with Gsuite. The only drawback is that your domain will not have a sender reputation which means you need to spend a little time building that up before you can just put the pedal to the medal.

Simply put, you can't just create a new domain and start blasting. The spam filters want to see that your domain is aged (at least a few weeks, months is better) and that your emails are being read and responded to.

That's where email warmers come in. There's some awesome little SaaS tools out there like that can automatically build a sender reputation for your new domain. My personal favorite is lemwarm. It's pretty clever - it just sends emails from your email address to other lemwarm subscribers and then marks the mail as read, important, not-spam, and then replies.

This teaches the spam filters that your email is important and not spam so it quickly builds up a healthy sender reputation.

lemwarm is only $29 per month until you upgrade to a full lemlist plan, and then its included for free with lemlist which is one of the best priced and highest quality cold email tools on the market.

That means that all-in, you're looking at about $10 for a domain and $35/month to warm it up - or less than $100 to create a high-reputation email address for cold email.

And what's the value of this?

  1. You're spending way more than that on copy, cold email lists, and autoresponders. This will 2x-4x your open rate (which means 2x-4x the value) for a tiny fraction of the total cost.
  2. You will hit the ground running when you're ready to start doing cold email.
  3. You won't have to constantly replace outbound domains when they get spamlisted which is a giant time consuming nightmare.

Alright - so you're in?

Here's how to get started.

  1. Follow this quick guide on how to set up a cold email domain (basically just redirecting it and setting up gmail).
  2. Go to lemlist and get a lemwarm account and follow their setup wizard.

That's it. Super easy.

And the longer you warm up your domains for, the better results you'll get. So even if you're not planning on starting for six months, great! Start today and you'll totally crush it when you start.

Now - I know what you're thinking next.

If I can set up one alternate email address.... why not more?

And you're right. You can totally do that. Here's a couple things to keep in mind.

  1. You only want one email address per domain. Email reputation is based on your domain and your IP address; the actual username (the "firstlast" in "") doesn't really matter as far as email reputation is concerned. All senders from one domain are one in the same to the spam filters. Reputation is about the domain, not the email address.
  2. Most DNS providers like namecheap or Godaddy have either bulk update options or DNS templates. Setting up 25 domains the same way is just as easy as setting up 1 (unless you do 25 manually... don't do that)
  3. You don't need a ton of G-suite accounts. What you want to do is add multiple domains to one account and make one user per domain.


So if you're planning on trying cold email, set this up today; you'll be glad you did when you hit the ground running and start getting tons of leads!