How to protect your deliverability with an outbound domain.

New domains cost about $5 and they will stop your main domain from getting spam listed. Imagine if your existing customers suddenly didn't see your emails because they went to spam! At $5, that's an easy decision.

Step 1: Buy a new domain through a site like Godaddy or Namecheap. Don't buy the email plan with the domain. The best domains are ones that look a lot like your real domain; for example or as alternate domains for

Step 2: Redirect your new domain to your actual domain so people find you when they google you.I recommend using UTM codes in the redirect to track cold email traffic. If you don't know how to use QR codes, try this creator - Quick Tracking URL generator. If you use that tracking code creator make sure the domain you're linking is your real domain, not your alternate domain.

Add the following records to your DNS exactly as I have them here. They will help your emails not go to spam by telling your recipient's inbox that you're allowing Gmail to send mail from your domain.

TXT@v=spf1 ~all
TXT_dmarcv=DMARC1; p=none

You may have heard of a DKIM record; you don't need one because Gsuite handles that on its own for us.

Step 3: Create a new Gsuite account with your alternate domain. Add whoever will be responding to the emails and taking sales meetings as the user.

Step 4: Follow Gsuite's instructions to add the Verification Record and MX records to your alternate domain - this will be done with the instructions from Gsuite but inside of Godaddy/Namecheap or wherever you bought your domain.

Step 5: Test Test your new domain with Mail-Tester by connecting your new email address to your email automation tool and using your automation tool to email the temporary email address from Mail-Tester. If Mail-Tester says you're fully authenticated then you're good to go. If it suggests making a change, follow it's instructions before launching your campaigns.