Lead Engines Team Mode

Everybody knows the only thing more exciting than generating leads is generating leads with your friends.

That’s what Team Mode is for!

Lead Engines Team Mode is extra exciting because you get

  • An unlimited number of users (at no added cost)
  • An unlimited number of unique searches per user
  • No restrictions on integrating with multiple platforms

In other words, there’s no downside!

When you start using Team Mode, the first difference you’ll notice is that your email address is now displayed in the navbar. This is to show you which user you’re currently logged in as.

You can hover over your username in the navigation bar to bring up the team menu, which lets you go to the user management page or just change users in one click.  



The User Management page is easy. You can create new users, assign them credits and even move credits around between accounts.

When you add credits to one of your extra users, they’ll be taken out of your primary account’s credits. To return credits to your primary account, simply add a negative number of credits to one of your extra users.



When you finish creating a new account, select “Switch to User” and you’ll be taken back to the integration page. Each of your users has their own integration settings which are totally distinct from what your other users are doing. You can even have different users on different platforms (one on lemlist, one on Reply, one on Mailshake) and it will work just fine.

Once you finished integrating your new account you’re ready to start using Lead Engines just like you were using it before!