How to revive dead leads that have suddenly gone dark

How to revive dead leads that have suddenly gone dark

Everything's going great.

You're talking with the decision maker.

They love the product.

It fixes all of their problems.

Suddenly... they go dark.

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Don't worry - it's probably them, not you. When decision makers were really excited then randomly stop responding it's usually because something else soaked up their attention for a while.

It's not the end of the world. You should call them and email of course but eventually the deal just stops and you can't get through to them and you don't know what to do.

That's what the Revival Sequence is for.

The Revival Sequence is an email sequence meant to reengage and and get a closing meeting with dead leads.

It can be done with almost any CRM, but I happen to use Pipedrive and Lemlist so I'll show you how it works with those.

Quick breakdown for those that don't know - Pipedrive is a CRM and lemlist is an email automation tool. They have an integration that lets you sync lemlist campaigns with Pipedrive filters (any customers that bought X product in this campaign, anyone who viewed this page in that campaign).

I set up a filter in Pipedrive that identifies all contacts with

  • Open Deals
  • that haven't moved in a month
  • and have no future activities.

and I sync it to a simple Lemlist campaign.

The campaign has a series of emails that say something like "Hey are you still interested? We were having some great conversations but I haven't been able to get back in touch."

And honestly you can let these emails run forever. I use about ten emails over 60 days.

Check it out! I won back 12 leads that we thought weren't interested anymore.

That's insane!

So now that you know how to fill the holes in your leaky funnel, check out how to put your prospecting on autopilot with a Lead Generation Engine that never runs out of leads.