Cold Email Quickstart Guide - Follow Up Sequences

So you’ve just sent out your first email. The good news is that you’re 90% of the way done. The bad news is you’re only going to get 30-40% of the value if you don’t include a few follow ups.

Don’t worry, follow ups are easy.

The first follow up I like to use is almost always what I call a “bump email.” They are super important because I’ve found that bump emails can get just as many responses as the original email they are bumping.

You basically just say:

 “{FirstName} – did you get my last message?

I’m pretty sure I can help you [repeat value proposition] – would that enable  {Company} to [goals you help achieve]?” 

Be sure to leave the subject blank so it gets bumped as a follow up to your original email.

The goal here is to get a second attempt at getting a response to your first email.

A lot of people will get your first email, be interested, and start looking you up and doing their homework on you but never respond. If you’re running display remarketing ads these people will keep seeing your brand and your value propositions and building interest in your product or service.

The bump email is to remind them that you exist, give them a little jostle like “oh I forgot to respond to this person” and hopefully get a reply. Be sure to include your value propositions and even A/B test them to get some insight about what people really care about.

If they don’t reply to a bump email, you’re back to Square 1 on Emails #3 and #4. Usually what I do here is write another value loaded email with a bump and send them out a week after the second email. You don’t have to do 4 emails, but I definitely recommend doing two.

I don’t usually send more than 4 emails in a sequence – do you really want to talk to someone who doesn’t want to talk to you and ignores all your emails?

Congrats! Now you know everything you NEED to know to get started with cold email. There’s a lot more great info that will help you improve but at the end of the day the most important thing is that you keep trying and tweaking your emails based on your responses.

Happy hunting!