How much cold email can I send in a day?

We've all asked it. Now that I've seen my cold email campaigns work.... how many can I send in a day?

It's a complicated question, and it requires an understanding of how the spam filters work.

The first thing to know is that each domain has it's own reputation. That means that if you get more domains, you can send more email. 2 domains can send twice as much as one domain and so on and so forth.

Each domain can send a variable amount of email depending on how old it is, how good it's reputation is, and how much people are engaging with your email.

If you're using GSuite, and you're sending quality emails, you can send 100-150 cold emails per day per domain without going to spam. That doesn't mean contact 150 new people per day, but send 150 emails - many of which will be to people who are in the later stages of your drip campaign.

The raw amount of email that your sequences send is pretty straightforward to calculate. Its simply:

Emails Per Day ~= New Prospects Per Day * Emails in the campaign.

That means if you are reaching out to 25 new people per day and your sequence is 5 emails long, your campaign will hit about 125 (5*25) emails per day once the first leads start getting the 5th email.

In order to be safely emailing over 100 people per day on a domain, you want to be sure that you are getting a good positive response rate. As a rule of thumb, if 1% of the people you email are converting into warm leads then your campaign is performing well enough to scale up to over 100 leads per day.

Another great way to ensure your campaigns don't go to spam is to leverage tools like lemwarm,, or to make sure your emails don't go to spam. They are services that send email to other addresses on the service and then automatically respond and flag the mail as important and not spam. This builds your sender reputation so that you can safely stay in the +100 range.

As a rule of thumb, if you're going bigger because you're getting bad results, you should focus on getting better results first so that you can scale up with getting spamlisted. A high performing cold email campaign can easily average several meetings per day by emailing just 100 people - and once you accomplish that scaling to the thousands is easy.