How to turn a Case Study into a Cold Email Campaign

How to turn a Case Study into a Cold Email Campaign

Results are the most effective form of marketing - so let's turn a case study into a killer cold email!

The best cold emails start with a good list. And when it comes to case studies, relevance is king! So lets take the client your case study is about and plug it in into Lead Engines.

Target by Industry, Company Size, Job Title, and Country to make sure you have the most relevant audience possible. Try to come up with a search that would match the client your case study is about.

It's best to narrow down your search as much as you can - would you send the same email to a solo founder as you would a 300 person company? Hopefully not, so if you have multiple customer profiles try doing them in different searches.

For my example, I'm going after small marketing agency founders with less than 10 employees, so I'd set up my search like this.

Targeting Small Marketing and Advertising Companies in the United States

Next, we have to write the email in lemlist.

There's a lot of great subject lines. The best ones are creative but at the end of the day we just need a tried and true one to catch their attention. I recommend "Quick question for {Company}" if you can't come up with anything better.

The first thing you want to do is convince them you know who they are. So instead of me saying "I'm Ryan and I help companies get B2B leads," I might say something like this.

"{FirstName} - other agency founders have told me starting conversations with potential clients is one of their biggest time sinks."

This opener does a couple things that get us started on the right foot:

  • It brings the problem to the front of their mind.
  • It validates the significance of the problem by referencing other founders like them.
  • It communicates clearly that I know exactly who they are - they are the founder of a small agency.

Next I like to cut right to the results while heaping on more relevance. Don't get caught up in pitching process because they don't care yet. You need to tell them why they care (and stay relevant).

"If I could prove that in just a few weeks I've helped other growing agencies book 2-3 new sales meetings per day on total autopilot, would it be worth 15 minutes to see if we could get the same results for {Company}?"

Let's break that pitch down. I'm letting them know up front that I'm willing to prove that I've gotten these results before. For results, its important to give a quantifiable KPI. You didn't "boost sales," you "increased sales by 220%." Include a timeframe. Making ten thousand dollars isn't super impressive. Making it in a day is.

With the right pitch you can get meetings with about 1-3% of the people you email off that one email alone!

But I recommend a few follow up emails; so follow this guide on how to write a follow up sequence. Don't worry, it's the last step.