What is drip upload, and why is it better than downloading a cold email list?

Most people have never heard of “drip upload” – but once they have, they never go back to buying or scraping lists.

Named after Drip Sequences, it’s best way to build prospect lists for outbound marketing.

Simply put, “drip upload” means Lead-Engines only uploads as much data as you need for one day of cold email campaigns, bit by bit, every day.

So… why do that instead of just buying a big list?

Makes it Easy to Optimize Targeting

You don’t just write a cold email, blast it and forget. You have to A/B test your copy and hone in on the exact message.

But what if you want to change your targeting?

If you’re buying bulk lists or scraping them yourself, you have to get a new list. That can mean dealing with the vendors or the time consuming tech again, or just throwing away a large portion of your list to zoom in on the leads you really want.

With Lead Engines, you just edit your search and redefine your search criteria – from then on, Lead Engines will start finding new leads that match your new critieria. It takes only a few minutes and you don’t have to worry about wasting money on data you later discover you didn’t need!

Keeps your Emails from Going to Spam

About 1% of email data goes bad every week – not to mention anomalies like COVID where 5-10% of people in certain industries lose their jobs (and their emails) almost over night.

And since about 3% of your emails go to spam for every 1% that bounce, you can expect to see steadily diminishing results as your list becomes worse and worse rotting in your CRM.

Lead-Engines doesn’t use email databases – it uses a process to “manufacture” email addresses in real time immediately before uploading them to your outbound email tool.

That means that every lead you get from Lead Engines is as fresh as possible, even if you set up your Lead Engine months ago. But if you’re still blasting the same list you downloaded 3 months ago you’re sending your mail to spam!

Reduces Maintenance and Lost Opportunity

Following along with the idea above; if email lists go bad after a few months, that means you always need to keep building new lead lists and making sure they get added to your campaigns.
If you don’t, your sales engine stops running! What’s the opportunity cost of your lead generation coming to a halt?
That means if you’re buying or scraping lists you’re never done. With drip upload, you get freshly verified data for months so you never have unclean data and you never run out of leads!