Lead Generation Engine that never runs out of leads.

The average sales person spends most of their time prospecting. Sometimes as much as 90%. I learned that the hard way when I first started working for myself - and before I knew what I really wanted to commit the next few years to I knew there was one thing I really did NOT want to do.

I didn't want to keep spending all day prospecting for leads or wondering when the customers would show up.

Anyway, that’s the first chapter of how I ended up starting a prospecting automation company.

My first sales funnel that actually got me multiple paying clients was a cold email campaign. My website sucked, I didn't have much social proof to speak to, and I didn't have the money or know how to use Google Ads. The two things I COULD do was pitch idea and automate.

So I bought a cold email automation system and a bunch of different products to build lead lists. Right off the bat I started getting leads and was having an awesome sales call almost every single day.

The problem was that I'm the kind of guy that likes things to be automated - and this was NOT the quick and easy process I was hoping it would be. It ended up being a time consuming process to shop around between vendors and freelancers to get a couple hundred fresh email addresses each time I wanted more leads... and despite doing all my DNS records correctly I ended up going to spam anyway because I was buying lead lists in bulk and my data wasn't fresh anymore.

And this was a HUGE problem - the final obstacle that blocked me from ramping up my lead generation and having a reliable, scalable source of clients that would drive growth in my business. I reached out to cold email experts and lead generation agencies to learn what they were doing and was disheartened to learn that most of them were using teams of offshore virtual assistants because there wasn't a good enough software solution.

The whole experience made "Marketing Automation" the same tedious process it was supposed to replace in the first place.

That's why I built Lead Engines - to create a way for entrepreneurs and salespeople to reach out at scale in a way that's truly a machine. Instead of hammering away at a chrome extension to scrape data, or buying and cleaning lead lists for a variety of lead brokers, you simply connect Lead Engines to your favorite cold email automater and tell it which types of companies and people you want to target - then Lead Engines will add new freshly verified contacts to your cold email campaigns every day so you never run out of leads!

Want to try the exact same system I use to drive new business for myself and my clients every single day? It's only 3 simple tools, connected together, that can create a powerful lead generation engine that never stops generating warm sales leads - and it integrates with almost any CRM your team is already using!

Here are the tools:

and a quick break down:

And here’s how they work together:

Everyday, Lead-Engines automatically finds a couple more of my target customers and adds them to Reply. Reply puts them into a cold email sequence, pitching my value proposition and asking them to get on the phone. When someone says they are interested (and ONLY when they say they are interested) Reply detects that and adds them to my CRM via Zapier. Then before we get on the phone they get the full education of what I do because my CRM is synced with an inbound mailing list.

I can also use scheduling links as opposed to asking for responses in the original email, making this a 100% automatic direct-to-calendar lead gen technique.

So if you’re trying to scale your sales but you’re spending too much time prospecting, set up a lead generation engine for yourself so you can spend less time cold calling gate keepers and more time in meetings with customers.