Which cold email tool should I use?

Which Cold Email Tool Should I Use?

You want to start getting leads with cold email – but you haven’t picked an email scheduling and automation tool yet!

You’re going to need one unless you want to spend hours and hours (probably days or weeks) doing it manually – but be sure you pick a tool that’s made for cold email or else you might get kicked off!

Big picture, they all solve the same problem, but they all have unique strengths and weaknesses that help set them apart. So I reviewed these 6 to help you pick the one that’s right for you!

  • Reply
  • Lemlist
  • Woodpecker 
  • Wavo
  • Mailshake 
  • Replyify

There’s a couple things they all do, like send scheduled cold email campaigns, splice in variables like first name and company name, and manage followups and replies.

But they all have some things that make them unique!


Reply was my first ever cold email automation tool – probably because it’s one of the most popular tools on the market.

And it’s usually the first tool I recommend for an entry level cold emailer for a couple of reasons.

First, it’s easy to use and it’s got all the features you need like zapier integrations, automatic interest/not interest classification and CRM integrations. And not only do you get every feature on every plan, it actually costs less per connected email address than most of the other products in this list.

They’re even releasing some awesome new features for phone calls and social media tasks – check them out with a free trail, no credit card required! 


Lemlist is a product you’ll quickly fall in love with. The quirky, fun language, the suave CEO that teaches you everything you need to know about cold email, and the sleek interface makes for a great experience.

What makes it super unique though are the personalized images and videos to make the most personalized outreach campaign ever.

More interesting – at least to me – is it’s incredibly powerful dynamic text syntax called “Liquid.” It’s simply the most powerful way to personalize messages in a clean and intuitive UI.

Finally, keeping in line with it’s simplicity, Lemlist has streamlined the process of qualifying responses and routing them to the appropriate campaigns in your CRM.

Oh – and it can warm up your email domains for you with their powerful lemwarm network.

It’s definitely worth checking out the free trial, especially because all features are included.


Woodpecker has amazing educational content about cold email. But if you’re already an expert – maybe so much of an expert that you’re a B2B cold email agency – they still might be the right choice for you.

Their agency mode makes it easy to maintain accounts for all of your clients and their powerful integrations help it plug-in easily to any sales stack (Sound familiar? Lead-Engines is great for agencies too!)


Wavo is another awesome product that’s made for agencies with white labeling in mind. They have an awesome reporting interface that helps you keep your clients up to date on how their cold email sequences are going.

Best of all, it’s priced to keep agencies well within budget on clients of all sizes.

It’s ideal for agencies that want to streamline their reporting and keep their customers in the loop without breaking the bank.


Mailshake is definitely the most unique out of the all of the cold email tools on this list.

At the core of its uniqueness is it’s still incredibly simple, yet more sophisticated workflows.

You can have email sequences branch out into other sequences based on whether people opened the email, clicked a link, etc. And their powerful “Lead-Catcher” interface


Replyify is an all around awesome tool – it has good reporting, usage based pricing, and the first thing you’ll notice is that the UI is just clean.

If you want a reliable autoresponder with all of the typical features, user management, and team security then Replyify is worth a try.

Skeptical? Check out their giant feature list.

Have another tool you want me to mention?

Let me know!