Quick SEO Guide for B2B Founders

When I was starting out as an entrepreneur I quickly learned that you needed to be able to pick up the pieces of a failed endeavor and make use of what was left.

What’s the one thing you can always take with you when you move from one project to the next?

Your personal brand – and more importantly when you’re selling online, your personal SEO.

You might be wondering “What is personal SEO?”

It’s simple. It’s a type of mid/bottom funnel SEO that’s focused on controlling what people see when they look up keywords related to you.

In other words, it’s how you control what pops up on Google for your own name.

The real power in personal SEO is that when Google associates your next company with your now more-important-to-google name, it will rank quicker, higher, and for better keywords!

Isn’t that awesome? No matter what you do in your future, your personal SEO will pay off for the rest of your life.

Here’s how to get started and capture the top 10 posts with content relevant to your professional brand.

General Advice:

  • Use Anchor Text as much as possible. It helps the article/page rank for whatever keyword you put in the text.

1. Get a Personal Domain.

It’s really simple. I own RyanMatonis.com. It has links to a bunch of other companies that I work/have worked with as well as my social media profiles.

This helps Google associate all of this information together and puts a ton of page rank into my name.

Most importantly, I can use this page rank later to promote my other endeavors and help them rank more quickly.

2. Linkedin

  •  Mention all relevant companies in experience
  •  Make a bio that promotes what you do and who you do it for and encourages people to look at your website
  •  Title that helps you get in the door

3. Twitter

  • Use your actual name for handle and Name
  • Links to company/Personal Site in URL, Description, and pinned tweet

    4. Personal Website

    • Use Clickfunnels or WordPress or whatever.
    • Link to all of your companies/projects/anything you want google to more strongly associate with you and make rank higher when you’re searched

    5. Blog

    • Make at least one blog post about each company you’ve ever done that you want to mention. Use at least 600 words each.
    • Make the link go to any remaining online media about the company that still exists (Site? Linkedin page? Facebook? Youtube channel?)

    6. Youtube

    • Use your name or company name as the Channel Name
    • Post one video, short and about you or your company
    • Post the video on your blog somewhere

    7. Reddit

    • Use your actual name
    • Only post on relevant business communities
    • Write a good article thats full of awesome advice and post it to small, relevant communities
    • Tweet and pin the reddit post

    8. Quora 

    • Fill out the profile, complete their profile optimization checklist
    • Answer several questions and link to your blog
    • If you own a product, edit it into all of the relevant product wikis.

    9. F6S.com

    • Just fill it out as much as possible. Include links to all of your social media. Good for SEO/Startup world and just a good Google big 10 hit
    • Link as many of your products/projects as you can