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Bringing a New SaaS to Market

Launching Shirley: A Microinfluencer Management Software

When Lead-Engines first started with Jumper Media, they were trying to use cold email to launch their new Influencer Marketing SaaS, “Shirley”.

They had success with cold email in the past with other products but with Shirley they were targeting a totally new type of customer than they had before. 

The email lists they had used in the past were great for targeting independent business owners. Unfortunately, they were mostly generic emails and without the ability to target specific individuals they were having trouble reaching the niche decision makers they needed to sell their product.

Lucky for Jumper, Lead-Engines reached out.

The Campaign at a High Level:

We started by zooming in on the ideal Customer Profile. For Shirley, that meant anyone who was in charge of Influencer Marketing at their company.

We didn’t need to filter by Industry or Company Size. Anyone who was in charge of managing influencers was fair game.

Check out that lead list – it’s exactly what we were looking for with only two simple filters.

The next thing we focused on was Segmentation and Personalization.
People want to know that a product is made for them. They don’t want to hear about how people in other industries or job functions have used a product in the past. They want a value that’s made especially for them.

So we wrote a short email to Influencer Marketing Managers about the day to day struggles of their job managing influencers. (Think: Herding Cats). We broke down the exact value props that we knew they needed in a short series of bullet points and we got an awesome response.

6% of the people we emailed set up an appointment to talk to the Sales Team. On just one email!

And since we were contacting 200 people per week, that was 12 new leads per week completely automatically.

New Leads Every Day:

The Results:
Here’s a snapshot of their dashboard. You might notice that the open rate and reply rate are the same, which is a result of us turning off open tracking after we knew we were getting good results. We do that because open tracking uses hidden images which can trigger sensitive spam filters and decrease results.

And what makes this different from any other email marketing system is that their drip campaigns will never run out of leads. That’s because Lead Engines puts new freshly verified contacts into their cold email campaigns every single day.
Which means that not only are they getting leads every day this week, but they’ll get leads every day forever! 

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