Lead-Engines Keyword Filter

Lead-Engines Keyword Filter

Wondering how to use the keyword filter in Lead-Engines?

Lead-Engines has a lot of awesome filters that let you build cold email lists that are super targeted to your needs.

Probably the most powerful one is the keyword filter.

The keyword filter works by looking at both the company and the individual.

It looks at everything from their social media profiles, websites, and linkedin bio to find keyword matches.

So if you were looking for Cold Email Experts, you would find people that are either cold email experts or work at companies that describe themselves as cold email experts.


A lot of the time, you need to exclude certain people. For example, lets say you sell kitchen equipment to restaurants.

You don’t want to target, for example, restaurant marketing or restaurant consulting companies. They might get classified as being in the restaurant industry, but you don’t think you’ll have success selling refrigerators to companies that don’t even have a kitchen!

A few things to notice here.

  1.  I used the “NOT” command to exclude certain keywords. It has to be fully capitalized (“not” and “Not” won’t work)
  2. I kept them all inside of the same blue blob (keyword group). If you separate them into different Keyword groups, you’r exclusions won’t work. A marketing company will match “NOT construction” and a construction company will match for “NOT Marketing,” Neither will match “NOT marketing NOT construction.”

You can also use the “OR” and “AND” keywords.

You should note that separating your Keywords into different Keyword Groups makes them “OR” by default. Putting keywords into the same Keyword Group makes them “AND.”

For example:

Same Keyword Group – “AND” – Must match all of the criteria


This search will match anyone (or any company) who provides both plumbing and electrical services. 

Different Keyword Groups – “OR” – Must Match One of the Keyword Groups

This search will match anyone who is either a plumber or an electrician (or both).

The most important thing is to pay attention to the Search Preview. It will show you lists of the types of people that Lead-Engines will find so you can filter out bad results.

Equally important is the estimate for the number of people you want.

You don’t want to target lists that are too short, but list that over over hundreds of thousands of people may be presenting an opportunity to segment and further personalize your list.

Anything I missed? Please let me know in the comments!