How to turn a Case Study into a Business with a One Sentence Email

There’s a lot of myths about cold email.

I see all these ideas about putting people into 8 step sequences with over-engineered cadences and truth be told I can’t see it as anything other than an advertisement for the software that lets you do it.

Nobody wants to get 8 emails from somebody they’ve never heard of, and if they finally get on the phone with you do you think they’re even a hot lead?
Anyway, I think it’s all noise. I have a one sentence totally cold email that converts about 2-3% of people I send it to an appointment. (Which is pretty good)
And what’s really cool about this email is that it can work for any B2B company that has any sort of track record of success at all. if you’ve ever knocked it out of the park with even with only one customer you can use this email to scale that success.
Here’s how we used it for a franchising company (Our pretend lead is Bob of Bob’s Burgers.)
“Bob – If I could prove I’ve helped other small restaurants expand into national brands, would you have 15 minutes to talk about how you and I can do it again for Bob’s Burgers?”
It works because not only are we leading with our reputation and results in our hand ready to go, we’re establishing a contract up front – I’ll show you what I can do if you’ll talk to me (assuming I can do it). The only people who will take you up on that are genuinely interested in buying exactly what you have to offer. No gimmicks or freebies required.

Leads from this email already know what they are getting into. They know your results, pricing, process, and value from the cold email and the case study before they even get on the call. That’s why those discovery calls take less than 10 minutes. They ask the same 3-5 questions and then either buy or give me a time to reach back out.
By the time I get them on the phone there really isn’t even much left to talk about.

Try it out! It only takes a few minutes to set up.