How to manage all of your cold email replies from multiple domains and email addresses

When I first started scaling up with and Lead-Engines, I was getting new leads every day. I was also getting a ton of not interested replies, out of office messages, bounces, and unsubscribes.

Between the sheer volume of junk responses, email accounts, and domains I was using (both to ramp up my outreach and support clients) I was struggling to keep track of it all.

After spending a few days digging in and trying to come up with the best solution, I found something you can set up for yourself in just a few moments.

Here’s how I send all of my warm replies (and only my warm replies) from all of my cold email campaigns to one easy-to-manage place: an inbox label inside of my primary email address. Doesn’t get any easier than that right?

My cold email sequencer is – and I’ll use it in this guide, but this strategy works just as well with Mailshake, Lemlist, or any other cold email sequencer you’re using for outbound.
Like most great tricks, it all starts with a Zap.

Step 1: 

The Zap gets notified when someone replies to my email – I use’s “Inbox Category Set for Reply” zap because it contains both the information from the email and’s categorization (interested, not interested, bounced).

Step 2:

Then I add a filter that only lets through replies that are categorized as “Interested”.

Step 3:

The third step in the Zap is an email that lets you reply directly to the prospect.

Let’s say I want all of your warm leads going to “” Set up the zap to be:

  • From:
  • From Name: The name of my prospect from the Step
  • To:
  • Reply-To: My prospect’s email from the Step
    • This lets us reply to the prospect directly from our inbox in one click
  • Subject: The Subject of the Email they sent me
  • Body: The Body of the Email they sent me
  • Label: Make a custom label (for example: “Outbound” or “Lead-Engines” in Gmail and use that)

and that’s it!

Then all your warm leads (and only warm leads) go to one tab in your inbox and you can reply directly to them with one click – no matter how many different email addresses, domains, and team members you have in your cold outreach system!

Happy Hunting!