Elementor #2061

Plans for any size of business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Credits Work?
One credit is one contact. Credits never expire, even if you cancel your plan.
What is included in the data?
The prospect’s first name, last name, job title, company name, city, state, country, and verified business email address. All of our email addresses are one person’s business email – you’ll never get generics and you’ll never get personal emails.
How clean is the data? Do I have to scrub it?

Our data is about 95% deliverable- you don’t have to scrub our data because we triple scrub it for you.

  1. We verify the email address is a valid or catch-all email.
  2. We check the prospect’s LinkedIn profile to make sure they still work there.
  3. We scrub all the “LLC’s,” “Incs” and initials out of names and company names so you can safely use them in your campaigns.

Is there a free trial?
We have one of the most generous free trials because we know you’ll come back if you get a good look at our data. 125 credits is enough to get a few sales meetings and a customer if you’re skilled (or lucky).
Is there a minimum contract duration?
I already have some data – will I get duplicates?
We remove duplicate data so you will never pay for data you already had – even if you bought it from someone else.
How old is the data?
All of our lead lists are built on demand – that means none of our data is cached in a database slowly going out of date. Any leads you get from Lead-Engines will have been found and verified within moments of being delivered to your campaigns.